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Problem with electricity

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I bought old camper l300 and electricity doesn't work properly. Both batteries are connected, however on the therminal switch only battery1 while is turn on. Also on battery 1 nothing Works. Can be anywhere any fuse or something?

Thank you for aby feedback.

Hi Robert,

First of all welcom in this Forum!

This is a example of how things could be connected.

As you can see there could be 1 or 2 Fuses (just follow the red wire  ;) )

What is the make of your camper?


Hi fellows,
this circuit diagram is made to support a weak starter battery , if desired, by pressing the switch. Is the plan to charge the second battery whilst the motor is running, point 85 on relay has to be connectet with contact D+ on the alternator.

Thank you,

I bought CCE adapter and try if is something works. Plugs and lights on the 230V works, but only this. If I´m right Cyrix just swich from which battery is equipment  powered.
Please let me know if is cyrix two relays on the voltage converter under the stair to camper?
Can be any problem with voltage converter, when nothing on 12V doesn´t work?

Thank you.

Hi Robert,

Plugs and lights on the 230V works, What do you mean with this?
Everything works on 12v,exept the 220v wall outlets. The rest of the 220v will be converted to 12v. This 12v will charge the Batteries and all the lights in your Camper.
The converter ( or EBL) could look like the one in the picture

Hope this helps you



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